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What or who is aerdung please? Hmmmm …
Earthy grooves and a breeze of sound

Aerdung is composed of eight great musicians who lead their self composed songs into multilayered compositions without being predictable at any moment.

The grooves are generated by unrestrained and multifaceted vocals, flute, saxophone, trumpet and an explosive rhythm section. This excitement will thrill and catch you. The three women on the edge of the stage enrich the performance not only visually, but also bring the female “Note” of music that is missed so often in music. Aerdung is a colorful and sparkling collective full with energy that invites you into musically sophisticated worlds. The musicians overcome different styles by playing with passion and move towards funk, pop and contemporary improvisation to unite their individual world of sounds.

The impressively different songs combine virtuosic instrumental solos, original brass lines and catchy choruses to create an innovative sound that awakens the desire to dance.

And who plays what?

Vocals: Lucia Karning / Flute: Sophie Schollum / Saxophone: Susanne Mayr
Trombone: Jakob Mayr / Keys: Jonathan Frick / Bass: Felipe Ramos
Percussion: Christoph Schacherl / Drums: Andreas Senn


Take a look and check out if Aerdung is playing somewhere in your area…. Would you like us to play? Then let us know! .

04.10.2015 Aerdung in Innsbruck TonArt-Festival im Treibhaus Turm

Aerdung –  Listen to us!

Wanna listen to us? Great! Here is a small audio sample of our current songs. Close your eyes and enjoy. Oh, and by the way: We are currently recording our first album. So stay tuned, because soon the first teasers will be available. Pss… It’s a surprise, but it will be a colorful mix of funk, jazz and pop – so it will be everything but boring! So be prepared!

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Check out Aerdung –  very colorful and in high definition

Here’s a little teaser of what you experience at one of our concerts. Still not enough? Then check out YouTube and find out more about us. Have fun!

Yeah! That’s us!

Here you’ll find some of our favorite pics. Whether live gig or from our  candid moments you will find a bit of everything. Do you need a particular photo for the press or a magazine that you can not find here? Then just write us and we will forward you one.

Impressives impressum …Das darf natürlich nicht fehlen!

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